James Ketner – President/CEO – Mr. Ketner is responsible for the daily operations of the company as well as the planning and implementation of short and long-term strategies for productivity and profitability.  

Jim Lurtsema – Operations – Mr. Lurtsema has over 30 years of experience in High Technology Manufacturing, Fabrication and Sofware Integration.  He oversee the company's New Business Developement, Product Developement, and Customer Relationships.  He also is in charge of the daily Operations of Micro Estimating Systems, Inc.  A more detailed background of Mr. Lurtsema can be found at the Micro Estimating Systems, Inc. website.


James Ketner – Chairman of the Board

Mr. Ketner has over 30 years of experience as a Director and Chief Executive Officer of public and non-public corporations.  Much of his professional career has been spent as a contract consulting engineer for Fortune 500 multi-national companies, building a successful track record in directing public companies, securities law, domestic and international regulatory agencies, operations streamlining, maximizing productivity, and directing companies to achieve record profitability through increased efficiency and productivity with state of the art technology. Mr. Ketner is a resourceful decision-maker who combines strong leadership and organizational skills with the ability to direct programs throughout the design and manufacturing processes, utilizing his extensive experience and expertise in high tech engineering and manufacturing environments. Mr. Ketner began his career as a Numeric Control programmer at General Dynamics.  In 1991, Mr. Ketner embarked on his own as a consultant, and has since done contractual consulting work for General Dynamics, Pratt and Whitney, Boeing, Lockheed, Daimler Chrysler, Fiat, Honda Research and Development, Rockwell, Sikorsky Aircraft, Embraer SP, and Dassault/Falcon Jet. Mr. Ketner has traveled extensively and is well versed in conducting business in North and South America. Additionally, he serves as Galenfeha’s lead research engineer, spearheading the company’s development of groundbreaking new technology. 

Kevin Bork - Director

Mr. Bork is a seasoned professional Consultant and Executive specializing in Computer Aided Design, and Computer Aided Manufacturing. With 37 years of hands on experience running CNC machines, estimating work for shops, which included programming and scheduling of shop production. During his career, he designed and oversaw the build of custom machines, and he quickly progressed up to a Sales and Software Design Executive. He has a reputation for innovation, and problem solving allowing him to work with all aspects of CADCAM software development.  Mr. Bork was President of CAM Solutions when On Course made his company the first Acquisition in 1999. Entrepreneur Self Employed Built CAM Solutions from startup to 600,000 in sales with no outside capital. CAM Solutions covered 6 states in the upper Midwest and was a top 5 US Distributor in CAD/CAM sales.  Mr. Bork served as Micro Estimating’s President from 12/2005 to 11/2008, where he was directly responsible for getting the company back to profitability. Mr. Bork continued his professional development, by setting up distribution networks for other industry leading manufacturing software companies.