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HARMONICS        GALENFEHA  (part of our name)

On the right, is a really good example of the kind of forces that can be obtained when a sympathetic harmonic resonance occurs in a structure.


The Tacoma Narrows Bridge failed because wind blowing through the vertical cable supports created a standing wave form.  If the incredible forces at work shown here can be captured without completely dampening the harmonics, then there will be no more need for wind, solar, oil, gas, coal etc. to generate electricity.  


Can we utilize this type of force to generate electricity?  The major hurdle we have is the Lenz effect.  We are exploring methods that reduce this dampening effect, and are currently developing an operational proof of concept model that is 22 feet in length in a closed laboratory environment.


Following this development, we have ideas how to make the device smaller.  Much smaller.  This smaller device has the potential to exist on board an electric vehicle.  Vehicles will still require batteries as storage devices, but with an onboard generator, the range of these vehicles should see substantial increases.