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Galenfeha Wastewater Division Providing Growth

Galenfeha Secures Additional Contracts

14 Jun

08 Nov


Mr. James Ketner, Galenfeha’s President and CEO made the following statements:


“As you are aware, Galenfeha has recently made huge forward progress in adding value for our shareholders. The recent acquisition of Fleaux Solutions has given the company a solid foundation moving forward.  With our announcement of two credit facilities, revenue and earnings guidance, extinguishment of all convertible debt, we believe our patient shareholders will see strong returns from our current share price of $.04 today in the near future.”


“This recent acquisition is by no means where we are going to stop.  Our short term goal is to be able to meet the listing requirements for a higher exchange, and I believe our team has a great plan to meet these goals this year.  We are striving to have a $50m revenue company by the end of 2018.”


“Again, I want to thank all of our investors for their continued support and patience.”


James Ketner


Galenfeha, Inc.